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Health is not valued until sickness comes.

Thomas Fuller .


YCHR-CRT offes a number of health and wellness programs and services to educate, train and empower the community members.





HOPE - Healthy Outcomes of Preventive Engagements

Creating 'Health, Hope & Happiness' for seniors and helping them through an active and graceful aging process is the mission of HOPE.

HOPE demonstrates innovative approaches in community participations, creative programming, optimal use of scarce resources, grassroots-mainstream partnerships, and maximizing the use of existing services.

HOPE program in Pakistan is the replication of HOPE and its activities, developed by our sister organization Human Endeavour (www.humanendeavour.org) in Canada since 2005. Due to its innovation, outside the box thinking and community based approach HOPE has received The Provincial Innovation Award from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and Ontario Hospital Association in 2010, HOPE was selected among World’s Top 5 Age Friendly Initiatives in 2013 in Turkey and the positive impact on seniors lives was also recognized by 3M Health Leadership Award to Human Endeavour CEO, in 2012. In Canada this program serves around 800 South Asian seniors through weekly activities.

In Pakistan HOPE is launched in Kot Lakhpat, Lahore on August 20, 2015 to improve the lives of vulnerable seniors. Program takes place at a local school every Thursday and provides an opportunity for school children to volunteer, thus promoting intergenerational activities. In first two weeks, around 30 seniors have registered for the program.

HOPE provides opportunities to socialize, gain healthy lifestyle information, exercise, visit places of interest, health snacks, intergenerational activities and much more, at no charge resulting in healthy and graceful aging.

For more information, Please contact YCHR-CRT at info@ychr-crt.org or by calling Phone: +92-300-8433173, +92-42-35462854





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Health & Wellness

HOPE provides evidence based health and wellness activities for vulnerable seniors.

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Handling Extremism

Let's beat extremism through combined efforts. Make our neighbourhood a peaceful place to live in.

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Home School Education

Enabling and empowering the people through education to build a brighter tomorrow. Education for everyone!

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Knowledge Exchange

Our Knowledge Exchange sessions are interactive and inclusive. Meet the Subject Matter Experts and share knowledge.

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Feb. 16, 2016. YCHR-CRT has launched HOME SCHOOL EDUCATION with the financial support from USAID.

YCRH-CRT has launched HOPE Wellness Program for Seniors in Pakistan.